Who is Melvin Feller and What are His Skills In Christian Coaching

Melvin Feller Is a Certified Christian Business Consultant in Texas and Oklahoma. He has a passion to equip a generation of Christian entrepreneurs to do business as business ministry. He provides workshops and resources that help companies discover how to do business God’s way. When the heart of a business is service rather than self it can be transformed into a fruitful business ministry. A business that empowers customer service and carrying about people unlike most businesses in today’s world. After all, we are told to be in the world but not to act like the people of this world. As Christians, we must be held to a higher standard.

Melvin Feller Is a Certified Christian Business Consultant in Texas and Oklahoma.
Melvin Feller Is a Certified Christian Business Consultant in Texas and Oklahoma.

Thousands of people know from experience that working with a well matched Christian Coach, such as Melvin Feller, both accelerates and enhances the process of bringing:

Joy and balance to a complex life

Profitability to business

Deeper meaning and focus to ministry

Harmony and understanding to relationships

Insights to transitions

Growth to personal life

Depth to the Christian walk

Clarity to values and purpose

Enhanced communication skills

Development professionally, personally or organizationally

Management of time, space, people and money

How can I use a Christian Coach?

Personal Coaching

Do you want to live more in harmony with your values? Establish more meaningful relationships? Communicate more effectively? Are you serious about getting through barriers like forgiveness and change that now hold you back? Are you facing a huge challenge or going through a time of change or transition? Do you want to enhance relationships and strengthen your family? Are health, weight, or fitness problems dragging you down? Are there financial concerns? Time or space management? A personal Christian Coach is trained to support you in achieving your goals.

Leadership Coaching

Are you in a position of leadership, but not seeing the results you would like? Do you feel weary or alone? Would you benefit from talking through difficult situations? Do you want to buff up your leadership skills? Leadership coaching can help you blaze the trail to new levels of expertise. You can also learn to coach those working with you and lead a more effective and productive team.

Ministry Coaching

Do you feel like there is not enough of you to go around? Are you struggling to find a balance? Working with others who are in conflict? Trying to bring a cohesive unity to a group of believers? Supporting those who are going through an involuntary transition? Whether you are a pastor, a home Bible study leader, or a person doing one-on-one discipleship, your ministry can be enhanced by working with a Christian coach armed with different experience, perspective, and expertise.

Business Coaching

Do you struggle with ethics issues? Are you constantly facing internal conflict between what is right, what is compassionate, and what is profitable? Christian Business Coaches understand those issues well; and can help in areas of employment problems, team building, marketing, organizational development, finance, and profitability. A skilled Christian Business Coach can help you lead the way to better business!

Melvin Feller has created a list of books (in addition to the Bible) found helpful in coaching. The order is alphabetical by title.

10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management by Hyrum W. Smith

Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port

Boundaries — Cloud and Townsend

Christ Centered Coaching by Jane Creswell

Christian Coaching by Dr. Gary R. Collins

Coaching by the Book — Ruth Ledesma

Courage & Calling: Embracing Your God-Given Potential by Gordon T. Smith

Discovering Your Divine Design by Robin Chaddock

Failing Forward by John C. Maxwell

Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching by Fairley and Stout

How to Be Like Walt : Capturing the Disney Magic Every Day of Your Life by Pat

Williams, Jim Denney

How to Become a Rainmaker by Jeffrey J. Fox

Interview Magic by Susan Whitcomb

It’s Easier to Succeed than to Fail by S. Truett Cathy

Jesus, Life Coach by Laurie Beth-Jones

Job Search Magic by Susan Whitcomb

Leadership Coaching — Tony Stoltzfus

Leadership and Self Deception: Getting Out of the Box by Arbinger Institute

Living the Life You Were Meant to Live by Tom Paterson

Margin by Dr. Richard Swenson

Now Discover Your Strengths — Buckingham and Clifton

Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

Road Map for Success by John Maxwell

Seeds of Greatness by Denis Waitley

Soul Space by Jerome Daley

Spiritual Disciplines For the Christian Life by Donald S. Whitney

Success God’s Way by Charles Stanley

The Call: Finding and Fulfilling The Central Purpose of Your Life by Os Guinness

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

The Path by Laurie Beth Jones

Total Money Makeover — Dave Ramsey

Type Talk by Kroeger & Thuesen (Reference for MB)

Visioneering by Andy Stanley

When God Waits by Jerome Daley

Melvin Feller Business Group
Melvin Feller Business Group

Melvin Feller Business Group Business in Texas and Oklahoma. Melvin Feller founded Melvin Feller Business Group in the 1970s to help individuals and organizations achieve their specific Victory. Victory as defined by the individual or organization are … achieving strategic objectives, exceeding goals, getting results or desired outcomes. He has extensive experience assisting businesses achieve top and bottom line results. He has broad practical experience creating WINNERS in many organizations and industries. He has hands-on experience in executive leadership, operations, logistics, sales, program management, organizational development, training, and customer service. He has coached teams to achieve results in strategic planning, business development, organizational design, sales, and customer response and business process improvement. He has prepared and presented many workshops nationally and internationally.

Melvin Feller Business Group Creates Winning Organizations

Melvin Feller Business Group is built on helping to create excellent organizations that achieve business results driven by a customer focus. Over the years, the Victory Model was developed and proven successful to growing organizations.

We can guide any organization to become a winner through the elements of Victory. We specialize on growing businesses to a higher level of performance through a combination of Victory Methods and Methodology.



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Melvin Feller

President of Melvin Feller Business Group With over three decades of executive coaching, speaking, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches experience.