Melvin Feller Shows How to Generate Extra Cash –Melvin Feller — Texas

Melvin Feller Shows How to Generate Extra Cash –Melvin Feller — Texas

With so many out of work, laid off or staying in dead end jobs to make the ends meet, we need creative ways of generating extra income. Here are a few simple, innovative ideas to get the cash you need quickly.

1) Your personal gold mine, can be staring you right in the face. Many of us save mementos for years for nostalgia or for that one time that we might need them. That time never seems to come though. Why not allow someone else to enjoy them as much as you have. These nick nacks may seem inconsequential or even like junk to you and may seem like buried treasure to some one else.

Melvin Feller Shows How to Generate Extra Cash –Melvin Feller — Texas

Go through your closets. Clear off your bookshelves. Unload those dresser drawers and create streams of income. Turn that old typewriter into a writer’s dream and earn extra pocket money. Take that nineteen fifties dress out of the closet and make a retro chick happy, while filling your bank account.

With the invention of online auctions, like ebay and ubid, you can turn trash to cash. Or you can go to flea markets and offer your treasure up to vendors for half the profits. Books can be redeemed for a partial profit through sites like or even

Once you have emptied your own closets, you can scour the malls for sales and resell those items online. Or better melfeller yet find a deal on one online auction and resell it on another. The only limitation lies within your own imagination.

2) Have a brilliant idea or hobby? Turn it into an eBook. Write it using word or WordPerfect and convert it into a pdf file using adobe 5.0. Then sell it on for 80% of the profits over and over again!

3) Recently sell your home through owner financing? If you are holding a note, there are companies that will purchase it from you for upfront cash. You may have to take a bit of a discount and you will have a large portion of your cash today burkburnett instead of thirty years from now.

4) Won a lawsuit and receiving payments? You can do the same thing. Companies will actually pay you a large portion of what you won for the right to your payments. It’s like taking the lump sum in a lottery winning!

5) Don’t have a business of your own and need extra cash? There are plenty of affiliate programs out there that would be delighted to give you a percentage of their profits, for the privilege of having you market their products. Choose programs that you have personally used, so you can attest to the quality. Also choose programs that are at least two tiered. This means that you get paid whether you make a sale or someone you referred to the program makes a sale. Just one good referral can bring you a steady stream of monthly income.

Texas — Melvin Feller — Profile

Hello, I am Melvin Feller and I started Feller Business Consulting because clients kept telling me that the financial models and business valuations I prepared for them were among the best they have ever seen.

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the banking industry. Skilled in Customer Service, Commercial Lending, Credit Analysis, Entrepreneurship, Business Development and Strategic Planning. Strong entrepreneurship and business ownership.

I have worked as a consultant in some of Texas’ largest accounting firms where I found my passion of helping business owners with financial analysis, market research and analysis, and business valuation. My goal is to earn business for life and I am committed to providing you high quality services with integrity and respect. I look forward to getting to know you and helping your company reach its maximum potential.

I have helped hundreds of business owners and attorneys with financial analysis and business valuations needs for gift and estate tax, litigation support, and transaction consulting. I have also valued asset-holding entities such as family limited partnerships for wealth management and protection purposes. I have worked across multiple industries including restaurants, retail, technology, manufacturing, health care, energy, real estate, and service providers.

Located part-time in Burkburnett Texas with an Office in Houston Texas and Lawton Oklahoma — Where we put grace back into working with numbers and mistakes! We love numbers!

See what my clients say:

L. Marco, Business Systems Implementation Analyst

Melvin Feller is unmatched to any business consultant we’ve ever had at Totally Awesome Melvin is an absolute professional. The skill set he brings is great programming plus business knowledge. Melvin is patient and thorough. From the point of view of our project — we would not have been able to do this in the time available without him. Melvin is intuitive about our needs. Melvin is also imaginative when problem solving — when we hit a wall, Melvin had several different ideas to help us get past the issue. I’ll be calling Melvin Feller a lot to get him back.”

K. Fischer, Senior Business Analyst

Robinson Trucking Company

Robinson Brick Company, a 124-year-old Texas Trucking manufacturing company and long time Melvin Feller customer was in quick need of high-level Advanced Pricing consulting. We called upon our attorney who immediately recommended we use Melvin Feller Distribution Consultant and expert in the Advanced Pricing arena. Melvin Feller smoke-jumped into Robinson Trucking Company with a couple of days notice and provided numerous tips, advanced knowledge, high level detailed expertise, and demonstrated product setup utilizing Robinson Trucking’s data. With Melvin’s’ guidance, Robinson Trucking Company is currently in the process of implementing Advanced Pricing functionality to all of its 13 locations. Thank you for providing outstanding demonstrated product knowledge and immediate customer response.”

C. Shen, Manager, Uptown Business Systems


Melvin Feller has brought a lot of value to OK Orthopedics through his custom training sessions. He tailored his presentations to address our specific process issues and questions. We have especially found that Melvin Feller is great at matching up the true potential of our goals with the real life business challenges that are not text book or white paper issues.”

D. Dostal, Director of IT

Kreggs Corporation

There are two reasons we will continue to use your organization for supporting our Business systems. First, the depth and validity of your consultants’ knowledge base is exceptional. We do not have the time or resources to function as a training ground for consultants exploring new areas. The consultants you have provided to us have been able to make an immediate impact on our projects. In addition, they have made sure that they left us self-sufficient in those areas. Second, the value provided by your organization strikes the right balance. Your rates are appropriately aligned but more importantly, your associates keep a firm understanding of our needs at the center of their work at all times. They have been excellent at advising us on several possible courses of action while helping us determine which direction most closely aligns with our abilities and system plans. We will not hesitate to contact your team for our future Melvin Fellers work.”

We do planning for Business, Nonprofits, Ministries, Directors, Business Leader, Governments and Individuals.