Melvin Feller MA Looks at Massive Results in Real Estate with One Simple Action

Melvin Feller MA Looks at Massive Results in Real Estate with One Simple Action

Melvin Feller is known as “The Entrepreneur’s Mentor” because Melvin walks his talk. Melvin Feller has been there and done that and more importantly, Melvin Feller knows how to transfer the skillset for success. This is main reason that he has been the sought after coach to hundreds of small business owners, entrepreneurs, Realtors, Real estate investors and service professional internationally. Melvin Feller’s main talent is to show you how the step by step process to build and enjoy a successful 6-figure plus business while having a balanced life. Melvin Feller is currently pursuing another graduate degree as an MBA.

Massive Results in Real Estate by Melvin Feller MA

There is still some time to kick that marketing system of yours into high gear and make this your most profitable year ever. I would like to ask you a big favor. If you are struggling to get your phone ringing with motivated sellers calling you then you might be guilty of lacking focus. Do this. If you have been marketing for a while then look back at the actions and marketing strategies that have supplied you with your most deals and or qualified leads in the past.

Write Down the Top Three

Now, disregard all the marketing that you are doing at present and just focus on implementing these 3 strategies. Have you ever heard of the 80/20 principle? Of all the marketing efforts that you are putting forth — only 20% of certain efforts are producing your best results. Does it not make sense to focus on the small percentage of effective activities that are giving you your best results Absolutely! Let me give you an example.

Mr. Investor Has the Following Monthly Marketing Budget:

$200 per month on bandit signs = 10 leads

$300 per month on classified ads = 5 leads

3 birddogs, $0 per month = 6 leads

$500 per month direct mail = 12 leads

$0 for two assistants knocking on doors of pre-foreclosures = 1 deal per month.

From the above figures, we can detract that the most effective cost per lead is as a result from bandit signs, knocking on doors of pre-foreclosures and birddogs. If Mr. Investor is smart, he needs to double his efforts on these strategies and spend less or no money on all the other strategies.

His New Marketing Plan Would Then Look Like This:

$400 per month on bandit signs.

6 birddogs seeking deals ( find 3 new ones).

4 assistants knocking on doors of pre-foreclosures( find 2 new ones).

Massive Results in Real Estate by Melvin Feller MA

By doing this he should get double the leads, he was getting before from his previous actions and he has slashed his marketing expenses by $600 per month. His goal should be through the law of “Massive Action = Massive Results” to double his efforts every 3 months and constantly put money back into his marketing from real estate profits to exponentially grow his business. Whenever I review my mentoring students marketing plans, it is always very clear that they lack focus and do not capitalize on the strategies that have given them their best results in the past. Learn from the mistakes from others and make this your best year ever.

Melvin Feller Business Consultant, Business Owner, Melvin Feller ministries and MBA Graduate Student Candidate

Melvin Feller MA Texas and Oklahoma. Melvin Feller founded Melvin Feller Business Group and Melvin Feller Ministries in the 1970s to help individuals and organizations achieve their specific Victory. Victory as defined by the individual or organization are achieving strategic objectives, exceeding goals, getting results or desired outcomes and a positive outreach with grace and as a ministries. He has extensive experience assisting businesses achieve top and bottom line results. He has broad practical experience creating WINNERS in many organizations and industries. He has hands-on experience in executive leadership, operations, logistics, sales, program management, organizational development, training, and customer service. He has coached teams to achieve results in strategic planning, business development, organizational design, sales, and customer response and business process improvement. He has prepared and presented many workshops nationally and internationally.



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