Melvin Feller MA Discuss Success Being a Thought Process

Melvin Feller MA Discuss Success Being a Thought Process

Melvin Feller is known as “The Entrepreneur’s Mentor” because Melvin walks his talk. Melvin Feller has been there and done that and more importantly, Melvin Feller knows how to transfer the skill set for success. This is main reason that he has been the sought after coach to hundreds of small business owners, entrepreneurs, Realtors, Real estate investors and service professional internationally. Melvin Feller’s main talent is to show you how the step by step process to build and enjoy a successful 6-figure plus business while having a balanced life. Melvin Feller maintains an office in Texas. Melvin Feller is currently pursuing another graduate degree as an MBA.

Success Being a Thought Process by Melvin Feller

Negative press, positive press. Motivational books, lectures and conferences. Coaches, consultants and mentors. There just is not any shortages of resources to push you forward. Many of my colleagues and peers absolutely believe in the law of the universe. Each of them have a vision board. Parts of all this are the basis for the book — The Secret. Attitude can make you or break you. It puts you in a position to move forward or fall back. I have experienced it and I am sure many of you have also bore witness to what happens when you bury yourself in the negative.

All it takes is a small seed. Let us say the global economic crisis. If you let it, the media will depress the life out of your business and attitude. They tingle at the suggestion of “double dipping” or getting countless experts who predict the “worst is yet to come.” As a pundit, the negative news is good business. They get more press if they predict gloom. Nobody remembers the positive outcome they just coast with it. HOWEVER, the negative outlook is the catalyst for failure. It causes unstable businesses to draw their wagons in a circle and “ride this one out.” I hope that. Let us face it Nostradamus wouldn’t be half as much fun if his predictions were positive things.

All that is, is authoring your own demise. Odd thing is some take great delight in claiming that they were correct in their forecast. Do they not understand that they are its creator not its victim. They embraced failure and married it.

Success Being a Thought Process by Melvin Feller

Some of the most successful people I know are also very positive. They see the glass hall full. That glass sample goes back decades. It speaks to attitude. If you are negative, it is strange, but you start to recognize all the other negative things that are happening to you. Everything around you is breaking. When you are looking, it becomes amplified. It takes on a life of its own. You stub your toe, your shoelace breaks and your dog dies. If it was not for bad luck — you know the rest. Oh, woe is me!

Now turn that attitude around. Bad things still happen, BUT the big difference is that they just do not resonate as much. You are not looking for the bad anymore; you are now seeking out the positive. You smile more. You bring out the best in people. They want to be around you. Your positive attitude is contagious. Success breeds success. I think your dog just came back to life.

Some would say that you could not think good things to happen. Realistically it may seem a bit out there. However, when I find myself getting a little gloomy, I look for ways to re-adjust my attitude. Perhaps you love to jog or meditate. The plan is to purposely make yourself more positive. Refuse to bend to the dark side. As quickly as it came, the dark cloud passes and you begin to recognize opportunities. Take a lunch with a peer and discuss that crazy idea you had. You are ready to take on the world. There is no stopping you. A positive attitude can have that empowering effect.

Success Being a Thought Process by Melvin Feller

If you are reading this and say, “no way” you are pretending to be positive, and that will not solve anything! Well, I say step back and take a hard look at yourself and all the negatives you are casting on me. You are throwing up barriers outlining how that will never work for you. You know what — you are right!

It will not work for you because you have that negative attitude. You will tell me a thousand reasons why it will not work for you. Bad for you.

What is the worst thing that adopting a positive attitude will have on you? Maybe you only cheer up someone else up. That will come back to you one day. There is no downside to positive.

Positive does not cost you a cent while negative costs you everything — think about that.

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