Melvin Feller Discusses How to Be An Effective Communicator

Melvin Feller Discusses How to Be An Effective Communicator

Melvin Feller Business Group in Burkburnett Ministries and Dallas Texas and Lawton Oklahoma. Our mission is to call and equip a generation of Christian entrepreneurs to do business as ministry. We provide workshops and resources that help companies discover how to do business God’s way and provide a positive outreach as the director. When the heart of a business is service rather than self it can be transformed into a fruitful business ministry earning a profit and being of service to the community and their customers. Melvin Feller is currently pursuing another graduate degree in business organizations.

An Effective Communicator by Melvin Feller

When you were a baby, you learn to speak for a period of many months. As you get older, you learn to ride a bike, drive a car, or even a text message on your cell phone. You should begin the process of improving your spoken and written skills with the mindset that requires effort, perseverance, and self-correction.

You learn to speak in public during your first conversation you have, then answer questions and express your views in the classroom, and ultimately for the preparation and delivery of “ultimate presentation” as the freedom of expression. You also need to learn to read, write, and think critically. Your spoken and written communication is a reflection of your thinking, experience and education. This combination in the level of other speakers to listen to the experience, reading documents writing styles and formats of learning similar to those that strive to produce.

An Effective Communicator by Melvin Feller

As you learn business communication, you may receive suggestions for improvement and clarification from speakers and writers experienced than you. Take their suggestions to improve the problems, not give up, when the first speech, or the first draft does not communicate the message you want. Stay with it until you get it right. His success in the media is a skill that applies to almost all fields of work, and makes a difference in their relationships with others.

Remember, success is simply a combination of preparation and opportunity. You want to be ready for effective communication when given the chance. Each time you do a good job, your success will bring more success.


Want to make a good first impression on your friends and family, instructors, and the employer. Everyone wants to convey a positive image, as it reflects on them. During his career, represent your business or company in the spoken and written. His professionalism and attention to detail will reflect positively you have to set up for success.

An Effective Communicator by Melvin Feller

In both cases, orally and in writing, you can enjoy having the ability to communicate clearly. These skills are used the rest of his life. Positive improvements in these skills will have a positive impact on their relationships, their job prospects, and their ability to make a difference in the world.

Effective communication, based on oral and written surveys, are consistently included is part of the ten desirable skills in business and personal life. In fact, some powerful businesspersons sometimes hire consultants to train to sharpen their communication skills. The following are five personal qualities or skills, which are crucial in both your personal and professional life.

Effective communication skills (verbal and written).

Strong work ethic.

Teamwork skills (work and communicate well with other members of the group)


Analytic capability

An Effective Communicator by Melvin Feller

You can succeed and increase your potential in personal and business life by increasing your abilities to speak and write effectively. Writing is also a “marker” of high workability and high-wage professional ‘gatekeeper’ with clear implications for shareholders. People who do not able to express themselves clearly in writing limit their professional opportunities. You may still need additional training to increase your communication skills.

A person with effective communication skills is an asset to any organization. No matter what you think about your career or business activities, learning to express yourself professionally in speech and in writing will help you to be a successful person.

Remember that effective communication is part of your self-concept, which helps you to understand yourself and others, solve problems and learn new things, build your career, and achieve your incredible potential.

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