Melvin Feller Business Group Discusses Non Resolved Conflicts

Melvin Feller Business Group Discusses Non Resolved Conflicts

Melvin Feller Business Group in Burkburnett Ministries and Dallas Texas and Lawton Oklahoma. Our mission is to call and equip a generation of Christian entrepreneurs to do business as ministry. We provide workshops and resources that help companies discover how to do business God’s way and provide a positive outreach as the director. When the heart of a business is service rather than self it can be transformed into a fruitful business ministry earning a profit and being of service to the community and their customers. Melvin Feller is currently pursuing another graduate degree in business organizations.

Non Resolved Conflicts by Melvin Feller

In my business coaching practice, I see conflict among teams wreaking havoc on the productivity and efficiency of the company.

Conflict occurs at work, and too often, we jump on the moral high road, avoiding the temptation to be petty or snap at our colleagues and sometimes we do not. It is not so simple, though, burying those feelings.

The impulse to be snappy is a signal about conflict with another person. It is not right to react snarky or rude, but it is also not right to ignore by “taking the high road.”

There is a time to take the high road: when someone’s behavior or actions cannot be changed and reacting in kind would cause you to veer from your own moral compass, then it is time to let them be and get on the high road. Stay true to yourself; it is beyond your control.

However, things within your control do require action. It is complicated because we are trained from an early age to handle conflict by forgiving and forgetting as a way to cope, but really, do we ever forget someone who has harmed us?

Non Resolved Conflicts by Melvin Feller

I know I do not!

The good news: there is a path through the conflict, and it involves open, honest communication and the steps that follow from there. The idea is not to forgive and forget, but to remember and work through the feelings to create long-term change.

To truly and effectively handle conflict, we need to manage the emotions and make a call for change. To do this:


Get the problem into the open. This step requires a level of bravery and working through discomfort. It is not easy to be open about our feelings, particularly at work. Talking about our emotions at work leaves us vulnerable and removes some of the boundaries we typically preserve — but it is necessary for things to change.


Process the feelings. A process is a series of steps, and this is the stage where we reveal the problem and related emotions: Forgive to stop the conflict and release yourself from the angry emotions, Resolve to move on and go forward, Remember what happened so you can prevent the problem from recurring or recognize its return, Repair relationships by choosing behaviors that offer positive outcomes, and Resolve to behave differently and living in the consequences.


Stay brave and talk about issues that create emotional responses — slights, behaviors, habits, actions of the team that affect you. Also, stay brave should someone consider your behaviors or actions as harmful. Continue to process the feelings and move on.

The right response, then, to your instinct to be snappy toward your colleague is to call out the behavior eliciting your reaction and be honest. If you can do this in an open, healthy manner, you will be able to eliminate workplace conflict before it ever has a chance to get out of control!

Non Resolved Conflicts by Melvin Feller

In business, teams that can work together and stand bravely through the conflict to process the emotions emerge stronger, more productive, and frankly, healthier.

If you find your team is struggling with conflict, — bringing in an outside party to mediate — can be life changing for the team and the business. This is where a business coach can really help. Not only open the lines of communication but also teach all members better, more effective ways of dealing with conflict.

Melvin Feller Business Consultant, Business Owner, Burkburnett ministries and Graduate Student Candidate in Business Organization

Melvin Feller Business Consultants Ministries Group in Texas and Oklahoma. Melvin Feller founded Melvin Feller Business Consultants Group and Burkburnett Ministries in the 1970s to help individuals and organizations achieve their specific Victory. Victory as defined by the individual or organization are achieving strategic objectives, exceeding goals, getting results or desired outcomes and a positive outreach with grace and as a ministries. He has extensive experience assisting businesses achieve top and bottom line results. He has broad practical experience creating WINNERS in many organizations and industries. He has hands-on experience in executive leadership, operations, logistics, sales, program management, organizational development, training, and customer service. He has coached teams to achieve results in strategic planning, business development, organizational design, sales, and customer response and business process improvement. He has prepared and presented many workshops nationally and internationally.



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