Melvin Feller Believes That If You think Wealth, then Wealth will Manifest Its Self!

Melvin Feller and Success Today
Melvin Feller and Success Today

According Melvin Feller MA, our thoughts are magnetic! Like a magnet we attract circumstances and opportunities. We literally attract the life we want with our powerful magnetic thoughts! But thoughts and actions go together! This is some of What Melvin Feller Business Group speaks worldwide on and shows how to increase the company and personal bottom line.

You might say to yourself, but Melvin I have been thinking about wealth all my life and the only thing I thing I have is $25.00 dollars in the banks!

However, my question to you is Do you think about wealth or the lack of wealth? This is different my friend. When you think about not having enough money what do you attract? Not enough money of course! And what are you actively acting on to help manifest your thoughts?

This is a spiritual law! It’s the law of attraction or sameness or harmony. You cannot have, what you don’t think you can have. Like attracts like. Like criminals with criminals and saints with saints. It is all about to you. Because as you think you will change and start to attract the things you are truly manifesting to both yourself and to the world.

Melvin Feller MA and Wealth Secrets

We join a group because these group members share the same ideas as ours such as the law of success. It is a fact that we generally will not join people who do not think same things that we firmly believe in. Bottom line is that like attracts like — you get the point! I’m sure this makes perfect sense to you and the types of organizations and groups you have been associated with.

We have to replace our old thinking if we want to succeed. Think about success and wealth and not: “ Not enough money “ or “ I cannot succeed “. You need to replace this with: “ I will succeed little by little, day by day “.

Our action follows our thinking. If we don’t believe we can start a business we won’t start a business. Period. But if we believe we can start a business here is what happen: First

our thoughts will attract information on how to start a business. So, we first learn how to start and grow a business.

After that we start taking action like maybe getting a loan, finding a location (if we have a physical business). After that finding good employee, good marketing, good products or services etc.

We do what we think. Everything we do comes from our thought. Our thoughts form our belief. We have to believe to succeed. We act from our beliefs.

It’s not difficult to believe in wealth! Look at all the people who succeed and have succeeded. There are not any different from you. They are flesh and bones and not some mythical person.

In other words, to become wealthy you have to think like them. Learn from them. If they have done it. You can do it too. It is strong belief and modeling their actions. You don’t need to have come from a rich family or to be a slick individual to be wealthy.

The simple formula to succeed is this. The ultimate truth of all ages and all the universe is: THOUGHT. The bottom line is that you can think your way to success.

Think and act. Act and think. Use your creative thought to create wealth or anything you like in your life. What you like you attract easily. Remember like attract like.

President of Melvin Feller Business Group With over three decades of executive coaching, speaking, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches experience.